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Cars A Realtor Should Drive And What They Say About You

Cars A Realtor Should Drive And What They Say About You

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From time to time it can be a lot of expense for very little return, and a lot of hard work and marketing that never ends. One of the biggest financial burdens every agent faces is their brand!


Creating and projecting that brand is expensive, and one of the biggest expenses in that is what you drive! What you drive says a lot, especially when you are dealing in real estate. Now I know you’re saying, “hey, hey Chris, it’s not all about money, and cars are expensive”, but I'm sure we can all agree perception is important to your brand.


Most people only buy 3 properties over their lifetime, so what you project is so important because this is, in most cases, the biggest financial investment of someone’s life. So pulling up to a showing in your parents hand me down 1996 beat-up Sebring, or trying to tour clients around in a rusted out 1988 Rabbit with smoke billowing out the back won’t bode well for your brand and let’s face it… it shouldn’t. Clients want to trust that you know what you’re doing and trust you know your stuff, so what you drive can project a lot of that!


There is, however, a fine line! If you’re an agent who deals in high end homes you’re probably going to want to invest in driving a higher-end car. If you’re an agent who deals with the average middle class home you’re going to want something that’s nice, but not over the top; you don’t want to say you’re too successful, and if you’re an agent who deals in lower end homes you’re going to want to project something that’s sensible and affordable.


So here is my list of top cars you might want to look at as an agent, and what they say about you!


1.  Range Rover


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If you were to ask a Brit about this they could say rubbish, or classy, depends on the Brit, but here in North America we tend to think of them as expensive luxury SUV’s. Land Rover has described them as, “the perfect fit for a successful, rugged outdoors man”. A good choice to project that you’re both successful and knowledgeable, but also shows a taste for the finer things. Not to mention they’re built to last! The life expectancy for most Range Rover’s is around the 200,000-mile mark, give or take.


2.  Cadillac Sedan/Escalade


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Besides the musicians and celebs that drove them, the Caddy started to kind of fade in its prestige in years past, which GM noticed. An overhaul was ordered and a brand repositioning happened; now Cadillac has been making a return in the higher-end market with quality and luxury as their focus, and it’s starting to work! Caddies are North American made and built to last in our environment with a decent life expectancy of around 150,00-200,000-mile mark. Driving one of these sleek cars or SUV’s shows you’re an achiever and successful, without being too over the top.


3.  Porsche


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With many models and options Porsche is a great way to show your success and brand. With the Cayenne and the Panamera, you get luxury with style and performance. Edmunds stated that the “Panamera was an innovative engineering feat” and “that makes a unique statement about the way that luxury transportation and serious high-performance potential is mixed together in one car”. German cars tend to have higher life expectancy, but can come with major repair bills depending on the car, but getting over 200,000 miles is double! There’s no denying it-you will be noticed in the flashy Porsche. This is the car for you if you’re dealing in high-end properties. You will probably be perceived as someone who likes adventure and has seen a great amount of success; but be careful-if you don’t have the bank account to keep up with those payments, it could come across as trying too hard.


4.  BMW


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According to, “BMW lovers are performance people, and they love their cars. These particular individuals love speed, and the pure enjoyment of driving”. BMW’s project stability, success and reliability. This could fit in to the higher end price designation, but are also common in the middle-higher-class. Like the Porsche, BMW’s have an above average life expectance of 150,000 -200,000 miles. 


    5.  Jeep Grand Cheroke


    (Image from )

These North American made SUV’s are a favorite among the middle of the row income communities, and for good measure; they are on the affordable side and full of features to assist with comfort. They are one of the most reliable and higher safety-rated SUV’s on the road today. They may not be flashy, but for price and quality Cherokees are the way to go. Jeep Cherokee says both class and sensibility. North American made for the most part, they tend to have a higher life expectancy, although in the past Chrysler/Jeep has not really had a great track record with their vehicles. This is, however, something they have been focusing on. Average life expectancy is around 100,000-150,000 miles.


6.  Ford Explorer 




In the past the Ford Explorer has been somewhat of an awkward, yet profoundly sturdy, SUV. Ford has taken the newer Explorers to a whole new level in quality and durability, not to mention the price tag. The Explorer is a great, highly safety-rated, roomie vehicle for showing around clients, and shows you’re trustworthy and sensible.


7.  Chrysler 300


      (Image from

The Chrysler 300 is a good executive car that’s both comfortable and classy, and it’s at a more affordable price tag than a lot of cars on this list. This car is sturdy, with great space for showing around clients, and durability for the long distances a realtor drives! Definitely a good pick for any agent, and shows you’re reliable and in control.  The Chrysler 300 should last you past 150,000 miles.


8.  Toyota Sedans/SUVS


       (image from

The last on the list is the good ole Toyota; not as flashy in comparison to most on the list, but definitely one of the most budget-friendly. Toyota’s can be known to go forever; one of my first cars was an old Toyota Corolla and it went past the 250,000-mile mark! Maybe it wasn’t the easiest of cars on the eyes but hey, she sure was reliable, and was passed down to my younger brother… until he drove her to her death (RIP trusty Toyota). Nowadays Toyota has some sleeker options, like the new Avalon or Camry, or if you’re looking for something with some more room check out the new Highlander or Venza. A Toyota says you’re sensible and financially responsible, which may be a perk to lower/middle-class buyers.


So, there is our list of top cars for your agent brand. Remember to be smart and use your money wisely. New or used, whatever fits your budget is always smart!


I attached a link below for a little fun. Check it out and see what your current car says about you!



Happy selling, or car shopping everyone!


Elle O’Neill


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