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How to Empower Social Media Marketing as a Realtor?

How to Empower Social Media Marketing as a Realtor?

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Social media marketing has much more to offer to realtors than being found easier online or showing off listings!


With the increased use of social media, 50% of buyers “Googled” their agent in 2014,  down from 68% in 2013, turning to agents’ Facebook pages instead! Nearly 65% of homebuyers who used an agent found their agent online, compared to only 38% who found their agent online in 2013 according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ (C.A.R.) “2014 Survey of California Home Buyers.”


Social sharing empowers personal interactions and allow real estate agents to build credibility and trust! Everybody wants to know how to get people engaged and the answer is really simple! In order to get yourself out there, you have to let people know that you are there and start a conversation!


When people find a good agent, a good listing or a nice photo, they want to share it and see how others feel about it! 

So if you share pictures, listings or you just generally talk about real estate, and people like it, share it, that means they pass it down to their friends to check it out! That’s called downstream marketing!  



Why is downstream marketing key?


It always makes you look better! Good photos, good videos that you post in one place help people to get engaged and might  come talk with you, or at least hear what you have to say… well it doesn't mean they have to sit down with you and talk to you for hours… you can do it online, save time and reach a broader circle of your influence! 


People today don’t want cut and dry real estate, and now it can be about communication and interaction, what the industry once used to be! Twenty - thirty years ago real estate wasn't so much about marketing, billboards, bus stop signs, commercials.. 

It was about providing good service and those relationships telling their friends who to talk to, when they wanted to buy or rent a home! There are still some real estate agents to this day, who don’t do any marketing, they are purely off referrals! The problem is that online websites haven't allow realtors to build a strong reputation based on genuine referrals in one place! 




What is Cribsuite’s role in realtor social media marketing?


Cribsuite is all about instant communication, social interactions and open conversations between homebuyers and real estate agents! People can express their opinion about realtors and as a result of this open stream of honesty, relators can build legitimate reputation online!  


You don’t have to be great at social media! Even if you are just starting out as a realtor and don’t have the money to be on billboards, or you really want to get into this social media craze, but don't know how! Your time is now! 





How to be part of the talk? Build your interactive resume every day!   


Picture yourself on a deserted island and no one knows you are there! How does anyone help you if they can't find you? In the real estate world, how does anyone contact you or buy a house, if they don't know you are there? You need people to find you! So how do they find you?


Stuck on this deserted island trying to figure out how to be found, you find a bottle and paper, think of this as your life line and you write down what you say and do for buyers and sellers. Now what? Well you have to throw it to a current to get help! Think of the internet as the ocean and social media as a current. But turns out you don’t have to guess where to throw it! There is a current, a Real Estate current” where people are specifically looking for you! Looking for info, relators, listings and options. 


So toss your bottle and share what you do, say and let your voice have a brand. People will pass you along and create an online word of mouth so if and when people are looking for you, you are the name that comes to mind! Soon before you know it, you are part of the talk, and this deserted island is not so deserted anymore and has a following. 





Why is it important to share your content daily?


What you tweet, what you post, what you share, what blog posts you have on your profile defines you and describes you better! Gives your personality and your 'skillset' a voice! Linking all of your branding in one place and sharing it on multiple social media sites means that people who come back from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to your Cribsuite profile, will see everything you say and load!  You will not only have your whole brand at one place, you can also post everything from one place!


Let your voice carry you, and generate you leads!  




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