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How to Share Content Effectively in the Online Real Estate World?

How to Share Content Effectively in the Online Real Estate World?

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Where do people share content in 2017?

According to the latest report by ShareThis, Facebook is the leader when it comes to content sharing. In the second quarter of 2017, 64% of sharing activity occurred on Facebook. About half of those Facebook shares happened on mobile devices, which is significantly less than the 75% of the Pinterest and Twitter shares that were done on mobile devices.  How do different age groups use the top social sharing channels?

Twitter saw the fastest growth rate of sharing in the first quarter (+43%), with most activity by 31-35 year olds. Facebook and LinkedIn sharing was led by older folks: 41-50 and 50+ year-olds. Sharing to Facebook increased by 14% while sharing to LinkedIn jumped up by 12%. The top sharing channels in order of overall shares were: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 


What Kind of Content are Homebuyers and Sellers Looking for on Social Media? 

Beside pure numbers and facts about real estate listings and agents, many homebuyers turn to social media when they want to see the more personal side of a real estate professional. That's no different when employers check out job candidates on Facebook before they contact them. Your social media activities reflect your personality better than anything else. With time the many shares and likes form a profile about you on social media channels. How to make your personality and professional achievements shine through online even more? Collect your activities, posts and status updates in one place, and by doing so you save a lot of time for your prospective homebuyers, sellers and leads when they surf the web to learn more about You and your personality. But you can save time for yourself too, now that you have started to collect all your activities in one online community, hit share and post out your content to the top 3 social media sites in a blink. How to do it? Keep reading!



How to 'Multi Share' your Content to Generate More Leads? 

As a realtor you can establish your presence on social media sites easier and faster than ever before. Using one online destination like Cribsuite to showcase all your pictures, videos and property listings will evolve your collection of content into a strong profile about you. Just upload your content and share! 




How to Share Videos to Interact with Homebuyers?

Social media engagement can be significantly improved with the addition of video. Home shoppers are spending a lot of time watching video content online. 6 billion hours of video watched each month on Youtube alone and people typically watch video before they read text or view photos. 86% of homebuyers watch videos to find out more about a specific neighbourhood, while 70% of home shoppers watch videos to tour the inside of a home. How can real estate professionals maximize and convert a virtual tour into leads and sales? Simply have your listing ready to view on the same website  where you have your videos! This way you ensure that homebuyers don't have to navigate to another website to check out your listings, and the video's engagement factor is maximized. Sign up now and place your youtube video url's into the share video panel. Share it on Cribsuite first then share it on Facebook and Twitter too.  





The Power of Photos in Real Estate

According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. This means that the majority of people digest information more easily by viewing an image than reading text. There is so many awesome topics in real estate to talk about and adding beautiful pictures can provide a splash of contrast. Images are making posts more vibrant and visually stimulating for prospective homebuyers and sellers. You can easily add personality to your real estate world by posting great photos on Cribsuite and share them right away on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Then watch how many people come back from social media to check out your profile and all your posts and listings!




Share Listings on Social Media more Effectively!

How do you share your property listings on social media? Can your prospective homebuyers interact with your listing? Home shoppers view hundreds of homes online but listings are usually not displayed in an environment that stimulate direct interactions between buyers and agents. Uploading your listing to an online real estate community like Cribsuite brings real estate professionals, buyers and sellers closer, because its an open community to talk about anything. You will not only have another forum to display your listings, you can share it out to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Share and get shared by others!  How to do it? Sign up, and start loading your listings today!



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