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How We Turned a Closet into a Mudroom for under $200!!

How We Turned a Closet into a Mudroom for under $200!!

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Perhaps I should have named this post, “How We Turned a Closet into a Mudroom, AND SAVED MY SANITY”.  Because really, that is what this project was all about.

Do you have an area of your home that makes you completely crazy at times?  Nah?  Me either…kidding, of course!

One of the most out of control zones in our home was the “shoe hell” that had taken up roots in our laundry room.  I can’t even call this teeny, tiny square of the room a legit “mudroom” because it really wasn’t.  It was more of a “drop all your crap when you walk in the door” collect all.  We tried to keep it clean…Addy and I organized shoes on an almost daily basis, and yet we could not keep up.

I can’t believe I am doing this, but I’m going to show you a picture.  It’s embarrassing…but here’s to sharing our real life with you…




Wow.  Yeah.  I wish I could say that was an especially bad day (it sort of was), but we had quite a few pretty bad days.  I can’t even mathematically figure out how 4 people could wear that many shoes on a regular basis.  And yet apparently we do.

Turns out, my husband is a smarty-pants, and he came up with the IDEA OF ALL IDEAS.  I’m so proud of him on this one, because it was genius.  See that closet there??  It was prime real estate for a mudroom.  This closet is directly off our laundry room, in the hallway between the kitchen and office.  All we had to do was remove the sliding doors and we had space to create a custom mudroom!  Since this closet was mostly wasted space anyway (random things found in this closet when we cleared it out- an old coffeemaker, toilet paper stockpile, a baby chair, vacuum, about a million bags, and winter hats and gloves).  I was able to relocate places for all those items, and we were off to the races.






After we mapped out what we wanted our mudroom to look like, I sent Brandon to IKEA with a detailed list.  He purchased one Billy bookcase, one Besta tv storage stand, and one Lack wall shelf…prices listed below:





In the meantime, I removed the old wire shelving system and did some patch-work.




Since the space was open, I went ahead and repainted it with Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.  I decided to let Addy help me paint…shew, that was exhausting.  Luckily for my sanity, she tired quickly and was lured by the temptation of a sucker and free reign over the remote while her older brother was out shopping with Daddy.




We got the three Ikea pieces assembled and in place, added two hooks, and then I made a seat cushion for the bench.  That bench seat cushion was DIY-meant-t0-be.  I went into the basement and found a piece of plywood in the scrap wood pile that I thought looked about right.  When I brought it upstairs, I realized that it was exactly the right size.  No cutting needed at all.  That NEVER happens.  Then, I was able to use leftover foam padding and batting from my DIY headboard project.  Again, I had just enough.  Finally, I pulled out this yard of fabric from Spoonflower that I’ve been saving for who knows what…it was just meant to be!




I didn’t take step by step pictures of the process to make the bench cushion this time, but you can see exactly how I did a similar piece here.

I’m so thrilled with how this closet turned mudroom shaped up!  I love having a place for all the everyday necessities that can so easily clutter our home.  Now each kid has a hook to hang their jackets and backpacks, an under-bench bin for shoes, and we have additional room for sunglasses, hats, lunch boxes, and everything in between.  And to top it all off, the hallway feels even larger now than when there were doors on the closet!  Hooray for DIY success!






Here’s the final breakdown of costs for this Closet Turned Mudroom project:
(We were lucky enough to have a majority of these items at home, but I’ve included the costs for those who might not!!)

$133    3 Ikea pieces

$10      Hooks

$10      Plywood (large enough to cover the storage bench top!)

$30     Foam Padding (one yard)

$5       Batting (one yard)

$10     Fabric (one yard)

TOTAL:  $198 for a CUSTOM Mudroom!!!

I picked up the plastic bins at Target.  For a space like this, I really like the durability of plastic as  opposed to wicker or some other materials.  Note to self:  this is the very BEST time of year to buy organizational items like baskets and bins because of the back to school and college dorm items available!

I painted the letters for the name signs and distressed them with Saltwash- complete details on that project here.  No fighting over space when each is labeled like this!


I’ve been giddy thinking about sharing this project since we finished it up last week!  It’s been so hard to not spill the beans!  Can’t wait to hear what you think!



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